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My name is Christine.  I started decorating specialty/custom sugar cookies because they make people happy. 

I am a mother to three wonderful children with whom I spend many hours crafting and creating, including baking.  

Back in my high school days, I was somewhat of an artist, but I lost track of that side of myself until I became a mother, at which time I left the corporate world and needed to learn

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Baked with Love

how to cook and bake for my new family. My creativity came in handy with picky eaters, and I served up things like Grinch Stew so we could all get Grinchy. Hey, whatever works, right?  I also found the artistic me again and started creating art for the kids' rooms at that time and entered the crafting world, so by the time sugar cookies entered the picture, getting creative with them was as natural to me as breathing. 

I use a recipe for my homemade cookies that I received over 20 years ago that calls for fresh ingredients that produces a soft and flavorful cookie and an icing recipe that's not a glaze and not a royal icing that crusts enough for stacking yet remains soft enough to actually enjoy.  I spent many years perfecting an icing that made ME smile.  I really enjoy the smiles my perfected-recipes bring to others.  

I received a lot of praise by friends and family and a lot of encouragement to start selling my custom decorated and detailed cookies to the public.  The cookie hoarding that occurred by recipients of my confections was amusing to watch.  I finally decided to take the plunge and Designer Bites LLC was born.