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Designer Bites is based in Portage, Michigan and offers the most delicious, hand-decorated, custom sugar cookies you will ever taste, and we are not afraid to brag that fact up a little since it's exactly how our customers describe our cookies.

Our cookies are baked using perfected heirloom recipes for both the cookies and the icing for a soft homemade cookie without the annoying hardness of royal icing and yet produces the beautiful, detailed designs you can't get with a glaze. We have yet to name our delicious icing.

If you have an upcoming special occasion, Designer Bites is here for you. If you want to order cookies just because, we're here for that too, via our tiered pricing. Pricing is based on the level of detail, complexity, and the number of colors your order requires.  It begins with Simple, solid-color cookies and progresses to Detailed cookies and Intricate cookies. We offer cookie bouquets, novelty arrangements, and individual cookie favors for parties, showers, and weddings as well.  

Designer Bites is here and available to discuss your needs and vision any time.  Just call the number to the left in the Hours of Operation box or send an e-mail via the Contact form.

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